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Journal of The Energy Institute

The Journal of The Energy Institute provides peer reviewed coverage of original high quality research on energy, engineering and technology. The coverage is broad and the main areas of interest include:

  • Combustion engineering and associated technologies; process heating; power generation; engines and propulsion; emissions and environmental pollution control; clean coal technologies; carbon abatement technologies
  • Emissions and environmental pollution control; safety and hazards;
  • Clean coal technologies; carbon abatement technologies, including carbon capture and storage, CCS;
  • Petroleum engineering and fuel quality, including storage and transport
  • Alternative energy sources; biomass utilisation and biomass conversion technologies; energy from waste, incineration and recycling
  • Energy conversion, energy recovery and energy efficiency; space heating, fuel cells, heat pumps and cooling systems
  • Energy storage

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Fuel and Energy Abstracts

Fuel and Energy Abstracts is a bi-monthly summary of world literature on all scientific, technical, commercial and environmental aspects of fuel and energy, published in association with the Energy Institute. Fuel and Energy Abstracts is an extensive resource for busy researchers to keep up-to-date with new developments in the energy field. Each issue, comprises more than 800 abstracts from international publications, special reports, monographs, conference proceedings, surveys and statistical analyses, dealing with all scientific, technical, economic and policy aspects of fuel and energy. Every entry is carefully selected from original sources with bibliographic and reference details, and every issue contains full subject and author indexes. The wide range of areas covered in Fuel and Energy Abstracts includes solid fuels, liquid fuels, gaseous fuels, fuel by-products, nuclear fuels, electrical power supply and utilisation, alternative energy sources, hydrocarbons, steam raising, combustion, engines, process heating, power and incineration, refractories/ceramics, space heating and cooling, heat pumps, environment, fuel science and technology, energy, energy conversion and recycling.

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