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Energy Systems 2018 Preliminary Programme

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Panel Discussion 1: Putting sustainability at the heart of the energy system

  • Global risk
  • Managing low-carbon transition
  • Access
  • Climate imperative
  • Aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Understanding the role of consumers as system architects


  • Thelma Krug, Vice-chair, IPCC, Brazil
  • Laura Cozzi, Head of the Energy Demand Outlook Division, IEA, France
  • Wilfrid Petrie, CEO, Engie, UK and Ireland

Panel Discussion 2: Financing the transition

  • What is the right framework for investment to flow that reduces the risk of short termism in policy making?
  • What is the role of impact and ethical investments in the transformation of the energy system?
  • The role of shareholders in changing a company’s activities and shaping their priorities
  • How to finance a new model of energy – capital costs versus unit pricing and what needs to be socialised or shaped as an insurance policy


  • Zoë Knight, Managing Director, Group Head, HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance, HSBC Holdings plc, UK

Panel Discussion 3: Market Design Approaches

  • Gas, electricity and CO2 market design and regulation
  • Examining incentives for emerging technologies and other low carbon sectors
  • Keeping it cost effective to maximise affordability, price and cost concerns
  • What is the role for policy-makers and consumers?
  • What are the new business models that can survive the end game?
  • Who are the new players who have different market designs that provide an integrated offer – i.e. transport, heat and electricity
  • How can Big Data help build a secure, flexible and resilient energy system?


  • Felix Zhang, Executive Director, Envision Energy, China 
  • Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive Officer, OFGEM, UK
  • Anthony Froggatt, Senior Research Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources, Chatham House, UK

Panel Discussion 4: Interconnected infrastructure systems

  • What are the approaches necessary to design/improve systems for: oil and gas, electricity, heat, carbon dioxide, transport and storage that will improve and encourage integration?
  • How do we balance the differing infrastructure systems?
  • What are the game changing technologies and how do we plan for them?
  • What are the appropriate policy frameworks to deliver infrastructural strategy in an energy system under transition?


  • Cordi O’Hara FEI, President and COO, Massachusetts, National Grid, USA
  • Wairimu Karanja, Founder and Director, EnVantage Law, Kenya
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